D. Min. Project

Hope for the Hood. This is the broad outline of my Ministry Model. The ministry model is taking all that you learn in your research project and actually applying it in the context of ministry. This is why I like the idea of the D.Min. over and against the PhD. There is direct and specific application for the church. My research, hopefully, will not be consigned to some random shelf in a seminary’s library. There is present real life application.

Biblical and Theological Foundations. This is the section of my D.Min. Proposal that outlines what will become the foundational chapter of my research thesis.

Christ without Compromise: The Application of Covenantal Apologetics to the Crisis of Identity in the Urban Context. This is the rough copy introduction for my D.Min. proposal.

Notes from P. E. Hughes’ “Crucial Biblical Passages for Apologetics

Three Topics for my D. Min. Project