Part 3 of my D.Min. Proposal: Ministry Model

This is the section of the proposal which outlines how I will go about implementing the proposed ministry. This is what makes the D.Min. different from the traditional PhD. It has a focus and termination in the local church. That’s what I appreciate about the D.Min. as opposed to the PhD. Ministry Model The goalContinue reading “Part 3 of my D.Min. Proposal: Ministry Model”

Part 2 of My D.Min. Proposal

Here is the section of my D.Min. proposal that addresses the historical precedents and cultural conditions of the research question I am addressing. It is similar to the Literature Review for PhD dissertations. Introduction There is a crisis of identity within the urban context. Our concern is, how may we apologetically address this identity crisis?Continue reading “Part 2 of My D.Min. Proposal”

Review: Uche Anizor’s How to Read Theology: Engaging Doctrine Critically and Charitably

Anizor, Uche. How to Ready Theology: Engaging Doctrine Critically and Charitably. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2018. We don’t give much thought to reading theology. Sure we read it and interact with it, but we don’t often step back and consider how we should read and interact with theology. In other words, we do theology, oftenContinue reading “Review: Uche Anizor’s How to Read Theology: Engaging Doctrine Critically and Charitably”

Hope for the Hood

Below is the broad outline for the apologetics course/book that I am working on. This is only part of the D. Min. project. WTS calls it the Ministry Model. The lessons will follow the broad organizational structure of Method, Commending the Faith, Defending the Faith, and Attacking Unbelief. The following are themes I intend toContinue reading “Hope for the Hood”

D.Min. Proposal: Biblical & Theological Foundations

Here’s a rough draft of the Biblical and Theological Foundations section of my D. Min. Project Proposal. This chapter will be foundational as I work through key scripture passages and follow the redemptive-historical flow of Scripture as I trace the imago dei. I have a bit of reading to do! Key Passages In order toContinue reading “D.Min. Proposal: Biblical & Theological Foundations”

Review: Alan Noble’s Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age

O. Alan Noble. Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Books, 2018. Note: This review is written from a pre-release copy via InterVarsity and Netgalley. This explains some of the discrepancy of citations. Some are from the PDF Kindle edition while others are from the a different file. I hopeContinue reading “Review: Alan Noble’s Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age”

A Few Random Notes on Some “Secondary Reads”

These works are not directly related to my research, but may prove helpful background information or side information. In other words, they are not a direct priority to read, but they deserve a place on the backburner. Hopefully I will get to them soon. Glaude, Jr., Eddie S. Democracy in Black: How Race Still EnslavesContinue reading “A Few Random Notes on Some “Secondary Reads””

Christ without Compromise: The Application of Covenantal Apologetics to the Crisis of Identity in the Urban Context

Below is the introduction to my D. Min. research project proposal. Who am I? The question of identity is one that we all must wrestle with, but within the urban context, particularly the African American urban context, the question of identity has turned into a crisis of identity. There is a long history of oppression,Continue reading “Christ without Compromise: The Application of Covenantal Apologetics to the Crisis of Identity in the Urban Context”

38 Notes on Research & Writing from Turabian

Below are 38 various and relatively random notes I took from Turabian. They are helpful guidelines for research and writing. The numbers in parenthesis are page numbers from Turabian, 9th edition. Plan everything (3). Begin with a question: I am working on X to find out Y so that others can understand Z (8). WriteContinue reading “38 Notes on Research & Writing from Turabian”

My On and Off Again Relationship with Kate T.

It’s been well over 15 years since Kate T. and I first met. Our relationship lasted about five years. It wasn’t always easy. It was actually quite rocky. There were plenty of challenges. I admit that I certainly contributed to some of the problems in our relationship. I have a hard time with conforming toContinue reading “My On and Off Again Relationship with Kate T.”